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We curate lighting for different types of environments, bridging the gap between
elegantly-designed products and environments that will adorn them.

Reliability, Quality, Durability

Modern Lighting Solutions has a reputable track record of providing both residential and commercial lighting of the highest degree. We ensure the principles of quality, reliability, and durability are included in the products on display. Our goal is to make ourselves, and our family of consumers, certain that the products we offer maintain the perfect balance between superior quality, unmatched reliability, and robust durability.

Warranty That Reassures

High quality products require the most reliable safety protocols and diligent care in order to be superior. At Modern Lighting Solutions, we stand by the products that we present and our clientele may rest easy knowing that our products have a minimum three-year guarantee. We want to make sure you, as our client, are passionate about your lighting and believe in it as much as we do. As a testament to our allegiance to the products, we will happily take back any returned lighting that does not best fulfill your needs and aid in the quest to find the light for you.

Lighting Our Passion

The single most important motivator for Modern Lighting Solutions is passion. Our passion to supply contemporary lighting radiates throughout the spirit of our company, from our customer service force to our frontline marketing team. Modern Lighting Solutions believes that passion is the energy that keeps us going, the spark keeps us filled with meaning, happiness and excitement, so we harness that energy and expend it on our craft. With our passion for lighting, Modern Lighting Solutions can help people immerse themselves in the right type of lighting – in an environment where they feel the happiest and the brightest.

Product Categories

Panel Lighting

Track Lighting

Bay Lighting

Spot Lights

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